Bendee Stick was created by animator Edd Gould, mostly known for his webtoon Eddsworld. Bendee was

one of the first animations Gould uploaded to Newgrounds in 2003, although only 4-9 and the 2 birthday specials are on the internet.


Bendee is a basic black stick-figure with white eyes, he is also a skilled fighter and is voiced by Edd Gould.


It is sort-of known where the original 3 Bendee Stick animations were uploaded, gathering from information given by TomSka in his video, The Complete History of Me (2/3) , Tom states that he met Gould on (now known as which may be the website where Edd originally put the first three shorts onto.

Other information

  • The rest of the Bendee Stick series can be found on the official Eddsworld Newgrounds page
  • Bendee has a nemisis called Dr Decapi
  • The series most likely started between late 2001 to early to mid 2002
  • There hasn't been a Bendee Stick episode uploaded/created since 2004
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