Bertha was a 13-episode British stop motion-animated children's television series about a factory machine of that name that aired from 1985 to 1986. All the characters were designed by Ivor Wood, and the series was produced by his company, Woodland Animations. It was broadcast on BBC Television.

The show has been dubbed into other languages, most of which are Lost

List of Dubs made

Brazilian Portuguese

A Brazilian Portuguese dub of the show was made, only one episode of this dub, A Mouse in the Works and bit of The Big Order are online.


Not much is known about this dub, apart from the title being also known as Skønne Bertha (Translation: Beautiful Bertha), only the Episode of this dub that is online is Bertha's Birthday Party.


According to the I.E.P Wiki, a German Dub of the show exists, not much however is known about it though.


A Hebrew dub of the show exists called רובימא (Translation: Rubmia), it aired on Hop Channel and Channel 1 in Israel, only 2 episodes, The Great Painting Job & More Speed, Less Work are online.


According to the, an Italian dub of the show exists, it was shown on Rai 1 and JimJam in April 2007. No episodes are found.


This dub is the easiest to find, as Warner Home Video in Norway released all but 1 episode on VHS, Bertha's Birthday Party was the only episode not released on VHS, as such, it's the only episode missing from the dub. All the other episodes + The Soundtrack can be found here.


According to the I.E.P Wiki, a Polish Dub of the show exists, not much however is known about it though, apart from it airing on TVP1.


2 Swedish Dubs exist, one for TV, and another for VHS, the VHS one was called Leksaksmaskinen Bertha (Translation: Bertha, Toy Machine) and 8 episodes where dubbed, the TV Version however, is currently missing, pkmntrainerdennis90 has some episodes, and may upload them soon, he has however, given Legospaceman the theme song to the TV Version, which can be seen here. The 8 VHS Episodes and The TV Version Soundtrack can be found here.

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