Beverly Hills Chihuahuas (found 2012 Disney TV series pilot)

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Beverly Hills Chihuahuas Pilot (HQ, LOST MEDIA)
Beverly Hills Chihuahuas Pilot (HQ, LOST MEDIA)

In 2012, a pilot for an animated television series based on the Beverly Hills Chihuahua films was made and presented to Disney Junior. It wasn't picked up and was left forgotten. Information had largely been scarce for a while until recently.

New Info

On November 30, 2020, YouTube user 20th Century P.A.C. uploaded an almost minute long excerpt of the pilot, although in low quality. The description states that they found it on the website for Taiwanese animation studio Hong Ying Animation (a subsidiary of Wang Films Productions), confirming that they're among the people who've worked on this pilot. Eventually, on December 12, the full pilot in good quality was released by the same person. This post also reveals another studio involved: Bento Box Entertainment.

Not long after, another user, Soya Ergar, discovered a 2014 blog post by an artist named Genevieve Tsai which discusses her involvement with the show and also providing concept art for the characters Papi, Rosario, and Esperanza. This was featured on the November upload.

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