Big W UK "Moving Home" (Lost 2000 Advert)
Status Lost

Big W was a british large format store created by Kingfisher Group PLC in 1998 and ended up under the hands of the Woolworths Group PLC, where it was abandoned in 2004.

In 2000, Kingfisher created a advert for the store called "Moving Home". Not much is known about this advert, it was broadcast during breaks of the shows "This Morning" and "Trisha" and targeted housewives with children. For the advert itself just the endline "Need to replace anything in your home? You can at Big W." has surfaced. The advert had only broadcast in ITV regions where a Big W store was located, such as Westcountry, Yorkshire, Scottish Television and HTV. This could be the reason why this advert is extremely hard to come across. There were other adverts for the store, but they are all forgotten and never seen on video sites like YouTube.

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