Lost Media Archive

This is a lost episode of Curious Canimals. If you are unfamiliar of this page, please visit the page above. This is a lost episode that had a clip fragment in the Season 1 credits of Canimals (2011), where Fizzy, or in this case, Chad, encountered a real Siamese cat sniffing him, mistaking Chad for a can of food. Then the Siamese cat jumps on the camera as the Canimals were laid back a little. This caught my attention because all of the other clips' "parent" episodes were found. There has to be a parent episode of this first clip. There are a few reasons. The first reason is the color of Fizzy. Look at this screenshot down here:

Screenshot of the Episode

If you want to see the clip in HQ, here's the full Canimals (2011) Season 1 Credits In HQ with the lost episode clip.


Canimals - Credits (Season 1, HQ)

Do you see how the Canimal in the photo is purple with pink hearts, instead of the whole can body being blue, as seen in the photo of modern Fizzy?

Screenshot of Modern Fizzy

There is also another episode that also shown Fizzy in his costume of purple with pink hearts right here:

2008 Found Episode Screenshot

This episode follows a partially lost series of "Curious Canimals: What is it?". This scene was never shown in any of these episodes:

Curious Canimals 2008 Found Episode

Curious Canimals Balloon

Curious Canimals Christmas

Curious Canimals Angry Runner

This scene was never mentioned in the media except for this article, and based on the other episodes, it was found on VOOZclub. I think people recorded those videos a long time ago, and then uploaded them two years later or so. Due to the possibility of finding lost video games and lost internet media, this could be found, too. There could have been two ways it was lost, one is that it had a hidden link, or two, it was deleted from the internet, so if anyone was able to search up the link of this phantom episode, it would 404. That is still on debate, because it's existence is unconfirmed since it could be stock footage, something else or created for the credits. There probably were some promos that have shown these clips of this lost episode. If you're asking how I got the name, I did not. I just made up a name because of my assumption of the only part shown, which is just a cat sniffing a can, so it did not have a big origin. If you find any screenshots or clips of any promo or bumper on any network, please email starmanlewis78@gmail.com the file so I can post more of this blog. If you find the whole episode, great! Just do the same thing.

This is the fragment of the lost episode I was talking about, and this is part of the credits of Canimals, and there can be other fragments found in reels, or promos, and I found the clip fragment on Bukali's Kat blog.