Lost Media Archive

Billy gets grounded is a series of grounded videos made by a small Youtube channel Colors 359 featuring a default character Silly Billy,using the obscure app Toontastic (which is an unpopular choice to make grounded videos on).The series first started on 2017 but later ended in 2021.

In 2018,a video titled Billy Destroys the Buildings was uploaded to Youtube,it later got deleted because video using copyrighted content (copyrighted music) but it is unknown what the copyrighted content was.

Due to the channel (Colors 359) not wanting to reupload the video,the video is considered lost,unfortunately a Youtube channel named Fluffy Dude New Era have reuploaded the video but the reupload got removed.

In 2021,the deleted videos are hidden on Youtube,making the deleted video hard to reupload.

Your Job:

Archive Colors 359's Youtube channel on archive.org near 2020 or 2019,find the playlists on the archived version,if you see a deleted video (the Billy Destroys the Buildings Video),archive the ULR and do not reupload the video,if you do,the video will be taken down by Colors 359,read the channel safety video on his channel first