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The only known image from the set of Binyah Binyah!, from July/August 1997. Here, puppeteer Rick Lyon controls "Swimpy", one character from the lost series.

Binyah Binyah! [1] (also known as Binyah's Pond [2] or Binyah Binyah Polliwog [3]) was a short-lived spin-off series of the popular Nick Jr. series Gullah Gullah Island. Somewhere between eight and thirteen episodes were recorded between July and August of 1997, and only five episodes aired on Nick Jr. during its only TV run, February 2-6, 1998. The series was named after the breakout character of the original show, Binyah Binyah the Polliwog. Nickelodeon decided to pass on the series, and it never aired again.

Advertisement for the series' premiere

There was no home media release for Binyah Binyah! due to how briefly it ran, and thus, bootleg copies are impossible to find. All five aired episodes are considered lost. However, all five episodes are rumored to be locked away at Nickelodeon Studios in Florida.

There is a promo for the show on Youtube a few days before it aired in the references.

As of April 2017, the intro to the show was uploaded to YouTube by Bob Runkel. 2 episodes were found (snippets of episode 5, and all of episode 4). However, 3 are still missing.

In May 2017, clips were uploaded onto YouTube by user CDCB2, including the closing credits.

As of December 2019 the remanding 3 episodes have been uploaded onto youtube by the team effort of MilkPrayer for the recordings and Archive and lost media talks for uploading them onto youtube.

As of April 2020 the YouTube videos have been copyright claimed, but every episode has since been uploaded onto MEGA.

"Binyah Binyah!" logo plaque on display at the (now closed) Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida


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