Haim Saban adapting Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger into Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in 1993, believe it or not, wasn't his first attempt to bring Super Sentai to America. In 1986, a pilot was made for an adaptation of the Choudenshi Bioman season, titled Bio-Man. The pilot was rejected by every network that saw it, and as such remains unreleased. Despite this, footage from the pilot was reused in a pitch promo for Saban's Galaxy Rangers, using Zyuranger footage instead of Bioman footage. It can currently be seen on bonus disc one of the 2012 MMPR complete-series box set as an Easter egg. Galaxy Rangers was later reworked into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

One of the hurdles for the Bio-Man show was actors unions in the middle of an issue. This may have lead credence to the fact that the show did have an adaptation shot.

Most claim that Bio-Man was a new Americanized dub; there are also claims that Bio-Man was an adaptation, much like Power Rangers. There is an English dubbed version of Choudenshi Bioman that aired in the Philippines, but it’s not the Saban pilot nor does it have any association with Saban Entertainment.


Bio-Man" is a "space adventure series" about five kids with identical "bio-rhythms" who defend Earth against Zadar, an evil half-human, half-robot villain who wants to conquer the world.


Actor Mark Dacascos lists and acknowledges his role as Victor Lee, the Red Ranger from Bio-Man. Miguel Núñez Jr. also allegedly claims that he portrayed Zack Taylor, but as a Green Ranger ("Bio-Rhythm Green").

In a forum thread searching for the Bio-Man pilot, the five lead actors were identified:

  • Victor Lee (Bio-Rhythm Red): Mark Dacascos
  • Zack Taylor (Bio-Rhythm Green): Miguel A. Núñez Jr
  • Trini Crystal (Bio-Rhythm Yellow): Tricia Leigh Fisher
  • Billy Cranston (Bio-Rhythm Blue): Tom Silardi
  • Kimberly Harte (Bio-Rhythm Pink): Rebecca Staples

Additionally, the man who is talking to Zack is actor Chris Farely, who unfortunately passed away in 1997.

It is said that some of the actors in the pilot had copies of it, however, they currently cannot be found. Paul Schrier, who played Bulk in MMPR, had also attested to seeing the pilot, along with others in the show's production such as Margaret Loesch and Tony Oliver.

Efforts to Find the Pilot

On April 23, 2016, user Moodiecitymadman set up a search team on the Lost Media Forums to find the lost pilot. On August 2, 2016, actor Miguel A. Núñez Jr. was contacted who confirmed to still have a copy of the pilot. Actor Paul Schrier was also contacted and said that he had seen the pilot, but doesn't have a copy. However, he did say that it's likely in the Saban archives. Only time will tell if a copy of pilot surfaces online.

Galaxy Rangers Promo


Galaxy Rangers (MMPR pitch promo)

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