Bits & Pieces is the original version of the series Liv and Maddie.

In the show, Pete, high school basketball coach, marries Jodie, the school psychologist. But, each already have two children, and they are not happy when they find out about the marriage; Alanna, Sticky, Crystal, Brody. Alanna, is the willful teen, who enumerates all the family moments through comedic scenarios. Her awkward brother Sticky, and, Crystal & Brody, their new step- siblings, help fill in the bits and pieces as they begin their journey together as a new family. It has most of the Liv and Maddie characters, Dove Cameron, and Joey Bragg.


  • Dove Cameron as Alanna Fickman
  • Joey Bragg as Sticky Fickman
  • Benjamin King as Pete Fickman
  • Cozi Zuehlsdorff as Crystal Sullenger
  • Tenzing Trainor as Brody Sullenger
  • Kali Rocha as Jodie Sullenger
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