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Black Volga (also known as Czarna Wolga) is a supposed 1973 film based on the Urban legend of the same name.


Production of this movie is pretty obscure expect for the fact that it was directed and written by Patryk Symanski. The film is based on an Soviet Union urban legend. The legend stated that members of the KGB kidnapping children by using a Black GAZ 21 Volga to lur them to get inside the car so that they can do blood transfusions and organ transplants on the children. During production, Patryk Symanski wanted an actual Black Volga automobile in the film. However, due to the Urban legend being widespread, frightened townsfolk showed up to the set and wanted the Volga removed immediately. The producers of the film convinced Symanski to finish the film without using a Volga. After a few screenings, the Polish government banned the film, because people protested against it. With a ban on the film in Poland, there was still hope of attracting a distributor. The producers created an English dub and attempted to bring it on the USA. The film was shown in a small theater in New York City in 1974. After one weekend and very few paying customers, the film disappeared from the theater, making it lost.

Recreation of the OG trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP13qfykv60