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Blade Runner is a 1982 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. There are seven cuts of the film, plus several fan-made versions made entirely out of deleted/alternate scenes. There does appear to be one scene which is partially missing. Nine seconds of a scene depicting a woman floating in a bathtub is shown in a featurette on disc four of a Blade Runner box set.

It is presumed that there are scenes leading up that moment and coming after it, but none of them have surfaced. The only evidence or mention of it is in that short featurette. In the scene, the main character, Deckard, is on the run from the film's antagonist, Roy Batty. He climbs over a bathtub full of water, containing a dead woman. He is distraught, and pauses for a moment to sit on the edge of the tub, not appearing to notice the woman, or acknowledge her.[1]

In the final version of the film, those few seconds are cut out. The woman in the tub is still partially visible in the final scene, but is in the background and out of focus.[2]


Deleted footage begins at 0-05.

There's a scene in the final film where Deckard examines a holographic polaroid he finds in an apartment using a machine called the ESPER. The machine examines the photo in 3d, being able to change perspective and see around objects. An earlier version of the sequence used in the final film is in exsitence, although not completely found.[3]


Woman is visible at 1-40. Batty (1982) HD