Lost Media Archive

Screenshot of his old channel

Blameitonjorge was a popular YouTube Channel which consisted of skits and top 10 lists, etc.. Blameitonjorge joined in 2013 and currently has 80 videos as of 2017.


Not much of the old videos is known. Jorge mentioned his old channel and videos in his 11 Terrifying and Bizzare Early versions of Famous Characters video at the beginning he stated: "For the few of you who saw my older videos you know exactly what I'm talking about." This meant that Jorge felt that his old videos weren't that special to him and thus he took them down. In his video at the beginning his old channel was also shown in a screencap.

*Update* 9/18/16

More lost videos have been discovered on the Wayback Machine website through this link. These videos are videos from 2013 to 2014. These videos don't work but can assumed to be skits, music videos, and/or let's plays. However, it is unknown what the PacOmegle videos are supposed to be, it could've been Jorge and his friends going on Omegle. This twitter picture could of been a screenshot of one of the videos.

Blameitonjorge also has some lost videos from 2015 too, but these are more well known than the aforementioned videos from 2013/14. These include "Creepy Videos On The Internet #2" (which is found on youtube but the last video "Pizza Time" is replaced with "Gateway of the Mind" footage, probably to not get in trouble because of the Pizza Time video's sexual content) and "10 Disturbing Deep Web Videos (18+)". It is currently unknown why would Jorge delete both of these videos.


  • None of these old videos have been archived (except for the post-June 2013 videos).