Blips was produced by Ragdoll Productions in either 2004 or 2005. Wikipedia says it was released in 2004 but Ragdoll's website says 2005 - it should be noted that Ragdoll's website has various errors (including that Blips only had 1 series when it actually had 2). 26 episodes were produced for CITV. There are various snippets of Blips online but no full episodes are known to be found online. Blips is no longer shown on CITV. No DVD/VHS or Blu-ray versions were released so the only likely places the episodes could be found are at Ragdoll's or DHX Media's offices or taped by viewers at the time.

On August 14th 2018, DHX media launched a Blips Instagram page @blipsshow hinting at a possible return of the show, as they post content about Blips that very few viewers have seen.

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