ShadowofDarkness3 ShadowofDarkness3 7 days ago

Anyone wanna help

Hiya everyone,

For those who don't know who I am; I'm Dave aka ShadowofDarkness3 and I wrote an article about a lost soundboard audio recording for a local Bay Area cover band called Crystal Platinum. I've been attempting to search for it and contacting the Rocking The Barn people to see if they can find the wav files for it but so far no luck. So, I am asking if anyone wants to help me out search for the lost Crystal Platinum soundboard audio recording hit me up on Discord at DJ_Murdock#5071.

Article I am referring to:

Crystal Platinum - Rocking The Barn performance (Lost soundboard audio recording; 2019)

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Extreme Wreck 2000 Extreme Wreck 2000 14 days ago

My version of the Lost Media Iceberg!

I think I should make my own lost media iceberg. I used the other one for reference of some that I feel like keeping.

  • 1 Above the Iceberg
  • 2 A Little Below the Iceberg
  • 3 Middle Of The Iceberg
  • 4 Deep Into the Iceberg
  • 5 Bottom Of The Iceberg
  • 6 Below The Iceberg
  • 7 The Abyss

3D Groove Games

Air Raid

Akira Games


Cheetahmen 2


Crack Master

Cuphead Lost Content

Dingo Pictures Lost Movies

Doctor Who Lost Episodes

Earthbound 64

Electric Soldier Porygon English Dub

Flintstones Seth McFarlane Reboot

Gravity Falls Pilot

Library of Alexandria

Lost 75% of Silent Films


Nobody Ordered Love

The Rapsittie Street Kids Movies

The Snyder Cut

Sonic 1 Tokyo Toy Show Prototype

Sonic X-Treme

Spider-Man 4 Movie & Game

Toon Makers Sailor Moon

2001: A Space Odyssey Deleted Scenes …

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YesSirOfCourseSir YesSirOfCourseSir 20 days ago


I know this is not Lost Media but all the episodes of the Nicktoon The Loud House were found in Brazilian Portuguese!

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Hypnobrai Hypnobrai 24 days ago


Don Bluth's 1988 animated feature film The Land Before Time underwent a severe cutting and editing of footage in the months leading up to release. Around six months before completion of the film, numerous scenes were toned down or removed, due to being deemed either too frightening or too difficult for children to understand, many of which were in color, and had recorded dialogue (but no music score). One of the first of these major cut scenes included potentially overwhelming images from the encounter with Sharptooth, the Tyrannosaurus rex, which showed close-ups of him attacking out of nowhere in the briars. This particular scene contained 19 finished shots (albeit lacking an aforementioned musical score) that never made it to the end of pro…

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Goji888888888889 Goji888888888889 18 August

Daibutsu Kaikoku

Also known under it's longer, translated title of The Giant Buddha Statue's Travel Through the CountryDaibatsu Kaikoku is one of Japan's earliest giant monster (if you count the statue as a monster) movies, coming out around the same time as the lost King Kong movies.

Although the statue doesn't go around destroying cities, this is still a technically a Tokusatsu film, due to the focus on special effects. The story focuses on a giant Buddha statue, apparently 33 meters tall, as it comes to life and tours the country, mainly some tourist sights, before flying into the clouds to go to Tokyo. Known only by some descriptions in magazines, the movie had a few notable scenes, including: the statue striding over a train, resting his head on a 3-…

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Maxis Is Dead Maxis Is Dead 20 July

I made a Lost Logo Wiki!

Its still in the works so yeah, This is a wiki i started as a sort of lost logo counterpart to the CLG wiki. It needs some admins to work on it, plus pages, since i cant do this alone. Its sort of a wiki startup, and i will finish this wiki so it can be running then ever!


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Goji888888888889 Goji888888888889 13 July

lost Doctor who Episodes

Marco PoloThe Reign of Terror The Moonbase the tenth planet 

Missing (Total)
/ Total
Serial completion


9 (out of 42)
Marco Polo
7 / 7

The Reign of Terror
2 / 6

2 (out of 39)
The Crusade
2 / 4
2, 4

28 (out of 45)
Galaxy 4
3 / 4
1–2, 4

"Mission to the Unknown"
1 / 1

The Myth Makers
4 / 4

The Daleks' Master Plan
9 / 12
1, 3–4, 6–9, 11–12

The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve
4 / 4

The Celestial Toymaker
3 / 4

The Savages
4 / 4

33 (out of 43)
The Smugglers
4 / 4

The Tenth Planet
1 / 4



The Power of the Daleks
6 / 6

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SailorLarryBoy SailorLarryBoy 7 July

Lost Toys/Merchandise

Do we allow lost toys/merchandise, I'm not talking about my lost toys, I'm talking about toys/merchandie that is rare to find

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Jack3010 Jack3010 26 June


So this is a thing... is nice.

I'm not the type of person which is popular he must write but this works, lots has happened, ab+ died so that's deppresing, yansim still hasen't made progges which is common, and I found yusef draft's yt channel which is interesting.

So yeah

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TheBigBigArchive TheBigBigArchive 24 June

It’s stuck

My number or edits have frozen help me!

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Someondon't know Someondon't know 12 June


Hi peole

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What-A-Mess Fan What-A-Mess Fan 3 June

Another Dream about the Lost Nature Cat Episode

I had another dream 2 days ago.

I was on YouTube. I found a Nature Cat video called "Lost Pilot footage!" I watched it, and it was about Ronald getting a trophy and Nature Cat got sad about losing. Then Nature Cat walked home, but it started raining. There was another video, but it was blocked by PBS.

I woke up and I thought "I been thinking about that pilot episode too much"

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What-A-Mess Fan What-A-Mess Fan 3 June

A Dream about the Lost Nature Cat Episode

Last night, I dreamed I was on looking for lost media. I stumbled upon Spiffy Pictures, and I thought maybe the lost Nature Cat episode would be there. I found it! It was called "Nature Cat Pilot Unfinished". I watched it to make sure it was real. It was. I found the pilot (even though some of the scenes were in storyboard and unfinished). I posted a link on the Lost Media Wiki. The pilot was the only episode to have the humans' faces seen. I thought and thought and maybe someday I'd find all the PB&J Otter episodes.....

I woke up and realized I thought that dream was real. I went here to write it down before I forgot.

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Liggliluf Liggliluf 2 June

something about Liggliluff (IEP wiki admin)

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Tymirbrown 13 Tymirbrown 13 22 May

Candy crush blog

Welcome to the candy crush blog I'm tymirbrown13 aka tymirbrown and I will show you some candy crush blogging 

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Marcos19651986 Marcos19651986 15 February

rather retarded search effort


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Insertenombre5 Insertenombre5 6 February

If we create a discord of Lost Media Archive Wiki?

It would be a good idea

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RugmanDuckIsBack RugmanDuckIsBack 21 December 2019

I had a hiatus and now i'm back.

just what the title said

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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 11 December 2019

There is a lot more of Veggietales Dubs we need to find!

I'm making this blog post because, I've been looking so hard latley finding long lost dubs of Veggietales

So far here's the list I have been looking crazy (mainly focused with the Jonah dubs), however I am also looking for dubs for Esther, An Easter Carol, Star of Christmas and Larry Boy episodes.

  1. Joonase Lood (Estonian Dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie)
  2. Hebrew dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
  3. Jónas: Saga um grænmeti (Icelandic dub of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie)
  4. ラリーボーイと植物危機 (Japanese dub of Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed)
  5. 女の子が女王様になる方法 (Japanese dub of Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen)
  6. Ester... A Rapariga que se Tornou (EU Portuguese dub of Esther: The Girl who Became Queen)
  7. The Audio News and Herbert Richers Brazilian Dubs of Jonah: A VeggieTales …
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Wazzupguys Wazzupguys 20 November 2019

Affiliation with Lost Media Ideas Wiki

sorry if i ask you this question, but there is a Lost Media Ideas Wiki and i would like to know if any of you would like to afilliate that wiki with this wiki?

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Elliottwiki12345 Elliottwiki12345 11 November 2019

I just thought of something.

Watching the Brazilian Portuguese version of Team Doki: From Past To Present, The Discovery Kids logo is Christmas styled, It gave me one clue, It airs during Christmas time.

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Supersponge456 Supersponge456 9 November 2019

pages i made

Taco-Man: the Game master (Partially Found web cartoon)

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DubbingDubs DubbingDubs 15 October 2019


Hey, I'm DubbingDubs or Spuffy. I requested to adopt this wiki a few months back and got the response to ask active users. 

My post: 

JoePlay said I could sign up for adoption since the Bureaucrat has been inactive since 2017. The wiki has many pages marked as fake and needs to be cleaned up, I have adopted the Little Einsteins Wiki due to the same reason. I am making my way to edit every day of this week.

The reply: 

Hey there :) To be sure, Joe was giving you great advice about the way that adoptions usually happen.
But on closer inspection, there are a few points of concern about this particular case.
A biggie is that there are literally dozens of other editors who have edited just since the start of May. So this wiki can't be considered "ina…
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RugmanDuckIsBack RugmanDuckIsBack 29 September 2019

I have been promoted to Moderator

I can now scan the forums and help you out with anything.

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Timothy Ciurczak Timothy Ciurczak 29 September 2019

Something needs to be done

Okay,there are WAY TOO MANY deletion articles saying not specified or housekeeping. My plan? To get a review team to fact check these. So,if we can figure out why there are too many deletion articles saying not specified or housekeeping,these will be under investigation until I come up with an answer to this. Until then,these will be checked until futher notice.

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Matty Matty 15 September 2019

Ultraman Tiga Dub - Work in Progress

Ultraman Tiga recieved an English dub on the Fox Box from 4Kids Entertainment from September 14, 2002 to March 8, 2003. The episodes were not ripped and the English dub never aired in favor of 4Kids giving the series an uncut release. Since then, the YouTube user GORIZARD TV has remastered some of the episodes using the Japanese Blu-Ray, but unfortunately most of the English dub remains lost to the sands of time.

ENG Title
JPN Title
ENG Airdate
JPN Airdate
The Prophecy
The One Who Inherits the Light
Monster in the Mine
Stone of Legends


The False Prophet
The Devil's Prophecy
Lost (the tail end is available on

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KKDisney KKDisney 12 September 2019

Lost Media Idea Wiki

This is for you people who want to create your own ideas for lost media:

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Teck1234 Teck1234 7 September 2019

Wiki events

Welcome to the blog!. Blog topic is below:

On this blog we will describe events related to the wik

And I invite you to comment

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Lukegregory448 Lukegregory448 2 September 2019

PB&J Otter Revival Project

Update (10/31/19): PB&J Otter is going to return on Disney+

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RugmanDuckIsBack RugmanDuckIsBack 29 August 2019

I think i should adopt this wiki

Jack and Enzo are both blocked and only one admin is active. Those are a few good reasons why.

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RugmanDuckIsBack RugmanDuckIsBack 29 August 2019

This wiki is literally and figuratively dead

You heard me.

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Savagemala Savagemala 5 June 2019

Why I joined Lost Media Archive

First I wanted to find toonix bumper before I found other bumpers were missing and what is life without a challenge also curiousity 

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Jeffy08 Jeffy08 12 May 2019

Beware! The Blob (1972) Radio Spot

Beware! The Blob (1972) Radio Spot

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Jeffy08 Jeffy08 12 May 2019

Beware! The Blob (1972)Television Spot

Beware! The Blob (1972) Television Spot

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Jeffy08 Jeffy08 12 May 2019

The Jaws of Death (1976)

The Jaws of Death is a 1976 thriller film directed by William Grefe. The film is about a brooding loner who accidentally learns that he has a telepathic and emotional connection with sharks. He eventually rebukes society and sets out to protect sharks from people. The film was set and shot on location in Key West, Florida. This film is one of the first in the wave of films that sought to capitalize on the popularity of the feature film, Jaws (1975). The Jaws of Death, with its sympathetic portrayal of sharks as the real "victims" of human exploitation, is notable in the maritime horror genre for having depicted the sharks as the heroes and man as the villain.

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Jeffy08 Jeffy08 12 May 2019

Beware! The Blob (1972) (German Dub)

German Dub of Beware! The Blob (1972)

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Logomaster210 Logomaster210 9 May 2019

Philippine TV Archive discord server

Are you looking for a lost Bagyong Ondoy news coverages in the Philippines? Do you have a lost footage in VHS? Or just wanna help in archiving Philippine TV? Well go now to Philippine TV Archive! We archive from lost commercials to lost Tagalog Dubs! Check it out even you're not Filipino! Everyone is welcome!

Invite link:

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ROBLOXNoob246 ROBLOXNoob246 16 April 2019

Some fake idents i made

They ARE fake.

Note: They are the same, with the changing logo.

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Loco123456 Loco123456 4 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - The Lost Edition Petition: Please Sign

Hello everyone,

Restore the Magic needs your help in reaching their goal of 10,000 signatures for their Thomas and the Magic Railroad Lost Edition (director's cut) petition by May 1, 2019. Please help out by signing the petition below. If you want to take it a step further, you can share with your friends, family, and other Thomas fans who'd like to see this happen.

Link to Thomas and the Magic Railroad: The Lost Edition petition:

Thank you!

Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!

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Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer 18 February 2019

There's an ACTUAL unreleased NES game called "Cop Slapper"

I'm not even joking, that's an actual title for an unreleased NES game by Color Dreams. Could you imagine how weird this game would be? I bet you'd be playing as a drunk person in that game. The name alone is priceless. I want this found. It needs to be seen to be believed, but on another hand, it sounds WAY TOO GOOD to be true. I am really laughing right now just by the title of this game.

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Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer 28 January 2019

YouTube account not active for a while

Guys, my YouTube account may not be able to be active for some time, so you know may only see minor stuff happening :(. Sorry for the fact you have to wait.

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Touhoufan46597 Touhoufan46597 21 January 2019

What was your favorite lost media wiki page?

Do you like FANDOM? A website with awesome stuff? Go to lost media wiki on FANDOM and tell me: What is your favorite Lost Media Wiki page? Write your fav in the comments! See ya!

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KingJulienRulez KingJulienRulez 13 January 2019

My VuduToGo

Hey, guys. I just wanted you to know that about 6 years ago, I have the complete first season of The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake via my VuduToGo app, but they won't be able to play for some reason. If you have a VuduToGo app and your downloads won't be able to play either, any tips for me to get my Animal Show videos working?

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Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer 7 January 2019

What happened to me?

Uhmm... I can't post any more comments. Did I get banned?

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RugmanDuckIsBack RugmanDuckIsBack 2 January 2019

Half-Life 2 is genius

I'm too tired to write.

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Pixexplosion Pixexplosion 2 January 2019

Weird Facebook Game

I am looking for a particular game I was very fond of my mom playing on Facebook when I was a little child. First, I'd like to put out some disclaimers.

1. I don't want this to turn into some wild goose chase like Clockman, I am not looking for any attention, I just want to find out what this game was and if anyone could find it. For all I care, when this does get found, the entire blog post can be deleted. I figured this place would be quite a bit of help with my search, since you have found multiple pieces of lost media.

2. I was often sick at home from school when my mom would play the game, and I was also very young, so if it ever does get found, and some points are a little off, you know why.

3. I remember finding a few screencaps of the…

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TaliaMaxlowIsAwesome TaliaMaxlowIsAwesome 1 January 2019

My favorite songs

  • 1 Twenty one pilots
  • 2 The 1975
  • 3 Coldplay
  • 4 5SOS
  • 5 Savage garden
  • 6 Others

  1. Stressed out (song)
  2. Ride (song)
  3. Jumpsuit (song)
  4. Levitate
  5. My blood (song)
  6. Nico and the niners

  1. Girls (song)
  2. Somebody else (song)
  3. The sound (song)
  4. Give yourself a try
  5. Tootimetootimetootime
  6. Love it if we made it

  1. Yellow (song)
  2. Trouble (song)
  3. The scientist
  4. Clocks
  5. Talk (song)
  6. Speed of sound (song)
  7. Viva la vida
  8. Every teardrop is a waterfall
  9. A sky full of stars
  10. Magic (song)

  1. Don't stop (song)
  2. She's kinda hot
  3. Want you back
  4. Youngblood
  5. Valentine (song)

  1. To The Moon And Back (song)
  2. I Want You (song)

  1. No Rome - Narcissist ft. The 1975
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Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer 1 January 2019


Does anyone know about any more Gamate games? I don't expect you to own any really, but have any of you guys have found any? Let me know in the comments. See you then.

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Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer Extrmewrecker2000 the Willer 1 December 2018

Article 13 needs to stop

Article 13 is coming soon, & we'll be dead. If this happens, then this means no more YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, nor ant OTHER things on the internet. If it passes, then the internet is destroyed for good, & there'll be no online games, no digital media, & of course no internet. This world would no longer have any internet, nor any online stuff meaning we'll no longer live in a world of goodness, & we'll be back to becoming more, & more controversial throught the years, & soon the END of the world. We're all depending on the internet by now as we could start using it for voice control on many devices like cars, fridges, showers, etc. Article 13 would lead to none of that happening. Not even flying cars would be able to …

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Pizzafan300 Pizzafan300 23 November 2018

Possibly Lost Film

I remember watching this one live action film (not a movie, but probably around 30 mins. long) it was pretty old being made around the 70's or 80's. Basically the plot centered around three children, every day they walked home from school they would have to pass this old lady's house who they were scared of and thought she was evil for some reason. But basically one day the one kid man's up and goes to the scary old lady's house to find out that she is not evil but really quiet friendly, basically she goes on to tell the kid her life story. The next day the boy tells the other two kids about his encounter with the old lady, and they still seem scared of her, and don't understand why the kid visited her. I guess it was a don't judge a book …

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