Lost Media Archive


On October 11th, 1999, Nick Jr aired very special episode of 'Blue's Clues' called "Blue's Big Pajama Party" and in celebration of the episode, not only did Nick Jr make it 'National Pajama Day' for the block but also, they aired 2 rare scenes (similar to the 'Blue's Birthday' deleted scenes) that have never been seen anywhere else since the premiere.

Jumping forward almost 19 years later, a user on YouTube known by the name, Daniel Jones uploaded the 2 scenes on YouTube before quickly getting removed thanks to the "amazing" people over at Viacom. Luckily enough though, they were not fast enough with their claiming process and the clips were managed to be saved and archived for you guys' viewing pleasure.

A hunt is still set to find a higher quality copy but until then, this is all we have and I'm grateful for it. However, if you do have the premiere and/or you have these clips, don't be afraid to comment. We might be able to preserve these clips in higher quality.

Link: https://mega.nz/#!1w8FxAza!6SFooxWCUI9RqqZLf8Jpnt3YFKLT_Hy4UtWis1YiZQA