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There are two scenes on the Blue's Clues episode Blue's Birthday that were only shown on VHS.

First scene: We are greeted by three young children getting ready to watch Blue's Clues. We then see Steve trying to make up a dance for singing Happy Birthday to Blue. He then asks the kids if they could help him make up a dance. He skidoos out of the TV, but there is a time limit as he has to get back before the show starts, and gets that help by Timely the clock. They successfully complete it, and Steve then skidoos back into the TV just in time as the show begins.

Second scene: After Blue blows out the candles, Blue leaves the table and is nowhere to be found, so Steve heads inside the house to try to find her. He thinks he's found her behind Sidetable as he sees the party hat she was wearing. But it turns out to be a part of the decoration, and this huge red present appears, and it's for Steve. Steve denies that it's for him since it's not his birthday, but the children persuade him to open the present to find a purple present, which turns out to be a yellow present, which then turns out to be a very small green strip present. Inside, it's a heart shape cookie that says "Thank You" on it. Blue had made it for Steve as a way of saying thanks for the party. They get back outside to the party and ends with the so long song and credits on the banner.


Blue's Birthday VHS Footage (1998)

Footage of the first scene (starts at 3:34)


Cut scene from "Blue's Birthday" 2

Footage of the second scene