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In 2017, The Song was changed to Footloose on third commericals, the footloose ones are not on the Nick@Nite friends commerical, It's Start when a woman opens her freezer to reveal three flavors of Blue Bunny ice cream,  the little fur ball dives down a slide and scurries past a swinging croquet mallet while making its way through the yard and into the kitchen, He dodges a croquet game and hops onto a blue exercise ball to reach the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, he slides over just as the woman grabs her bowl -- "missed it by a hare"! a another version is a woman opens a package of Blue Bunny Salted Caramel Pretzel Bunny Snacks and a few blue bunnies come running to join in on the fun. The Four Commericals are not on Sites like Facebook, YouTube and etc.

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