There is a LOST "Blue Peter" opening from September until the end of 2006. In this opening titles, it opened with the traditional "Blue Peter" ship logo, followed by the presenters (Konnie, Gethin, Zöe and Andy) surrounded by "fact file boxes" displaying statistics and information about them and also pictures of the pets and snippets of previous assignment films. This also marked the end of the traditional format of the presenter credits being credited in order of seniority. Also, this opening plays a slightly shortened version of the 2004 arrangement was used (including the traditional drum roll of the "Blue Peter" theme tune and a boat whistle), with the opening bars (which was the "Sailors Hornpipe") removed.

UPDATE: 12.06.2018: The 2006 titles (but only Gethin and Andy) with the 2004 theme music (performed by Nial Brown) has been found by the YouTube user Classic New CBBC! Link:

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