Blue Peter opening titles from 2004-2006 (without the clips version)
A screenshot of the show's logo in the 2004 opening titles.
Status Lost
Blue Peter is a British children's television programme, shown currently live on the CBBC television channel. A significant part of British culture, it first aired in 1958 and is the longest-running children's TV show in the world. Although the show has a nautical title and theme, it is a magazine/entertainment show containing viewer and presenter challenges, as well as the famous arts and crafts "makes".

There is a LOST 2004 Blue Peter opening title, which was a different version without a series of clips of previous programme activities (for example, where Konnie Huq, Simon Thomas, Matt Baker, and Liz Barker are going to India in the "Bollywood Dreams" episode), a "coming up" sequence and the glowing first names of the BP presenters in the bottom, because this opening title was only seen on the old Red Bee Media website from 2005 until it was gone in 2008. The titles (without the clips) opened with the ship logo and featured silhouettes of unidentified children are running around (which started with a silhouette of a girl who notices that the children to follow her at the left for taking the ship's rigging) and also hoisting the sails of the Blue Peter ship along with the former presenters of the show (Konnie, Simon, Matt and Liz). Then at the end, the children are running at the right and circling around to form the 2004 Blue Peter ship logo. However, it has not resurfaced since.

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