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Bluey is an Australian children's animated series that debuted in 2018. The show stars a family of anthropomorphic dogs. The show has two pilots, one in 2016 and another in 2017.


2016 Pilot

Not much is known about this pilot, however, the creator has shared a few details in an online article, listed below.

“It just had some dangerous stuff in it,” Brumm recalls. “Bandit was pushing Bluey and she wanted to go all the way around on a swing, so she ends up doing a full 360 degrees. It was just unsafe,” he laughs. “You could never put that on TV.” It has also been revealed that Bandit was playing some sort of Fruit Ninja-like game on his smartphone while pushing Bluey.

Other revealed details state that the pilot was about a minute long, the pilot was screened at a few special events and that the executives during the events rather concerningly considered this pilot "More Family Guy than Peppa Pig", however, some people at the events did see some potential in a full series.

2017 Pilot

The 2017 pilot was 7 minutes long had the same plot as the episode from the final series, The Weekend with a few changes, these include the house being different in this pilot and Bandit having a slightly different design. Similar to the Cyberchase Pilot, this episode was re-edited for the final version to hide most of the differences and fit better with the new style of the show.

Only one minute has been found from this pilot via ABC Brisbane's Twitter, which often makes people confuse this pilot for the 2016 pilot, however, this one-minute clip does not have the swing scene and ends abruptly, so it cannot be the same.

Differences to the final show

2016 Pilot

  • The differences in character designs stated below are carried back here.

2017 Pilot

  • Bluey's house had a different design and layout.
  • Bandit had a slightly different design and voice.
  • Chili also had a slightly different design, with her darker fur being on the other side of her face.
  • When the title card for the episode is shown, Bingo or Bluey don't say "This episode of Bluey is called (title of the episode)". Instead, they are silent while the pilot's theme song instrumental is heard.
  • The line "I'm just popping out for a bit" was changed in the final edit of the episode.
  • The intro was completely different, and had a sequence of Bluey and her friends each showing up until Bluey appears, then we hear someone say "Bluey! Ruff ruff!". The intro also used the song Pinball Lez, possibly as a placeholder. The song is also copyrighted and not owned by the team who worked on the pilot, preventing it from being aired with the song intact, though it is possible that they got permission to use the song.


There have been a variety of misconceptions about these pilots, they are listed here.

  • Since the only found footage of the 2017 pilot was one minute long, some people often think that the two pilots were the same or even that the 2017 pilot is fully found, which it is not.
  • Some people think that a pilot from 2014 existed, despite the fact that there is no mention of this anywhere online. The rumor seems to have originated from this very website from an old page that was deleted for being low-quality.
  • It is often thought that the 2017 pilot was made in 2016.
  • Since Chilli is seen without her darker fur in the one minute clip for the 2017 pilot, some believe that she lacked it for the entirety of both pilots, but this is not true, as some screenshots for both pilots show her with her brown fur on the right side of her face. Her lacking it at all is an animation error and not a result of an early design.


2016 Pilot

2017 Pilot