Blur front man Damon Albarn has said in multiple interviews that the band, without guitarist Graham Coxon, recorded 15 punk rock songs in 2005, right before Damon Albarn recorded the album "Demon Days" with his band Gorillaz. "It's a bunch of short, fast, fun punk songs..." he said. The band decided not to release the material because it wasn't up to the quality they normally gave. Two of the songs were mentioned. They were re-recorded versions of two previous Blur demos "Subspecies of an American Day" and "Pleasant Education". Damon Albarn said that he doesn't want to release the material because it's "currently in an unfinished state" and "does not sound anything like what we wanted it to." Albarn has no plans to finish the material in the future.

According to an interview done with Dave Rowntree (Blur's drummer), the material was for a planned EP. Rowntree, when asked about the recording process and "Subspecies Of An American Day", he said; "As far as I remember, we didn’t record an EP in 2005. Googling reveals that Damon did an interview with XFM in 2005 and talked about that sort of thing. We certainly did do a tiny bit of recording when we got back from the Think Tank tour, but I don’t think our hearts were really in it, and we didn’t get very far."

This means that they didn't record much, or perhaps Dave just didn't remember it very well.

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