When Bob The Builder was getting popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, Hit Entertainment took the show to other countries like France, Wales and Even America which they are still airing the show to this day. In the US, Seasons 3-9 are the only seasons of the classic series to be released in full with Season 1 and 2 missing 3 Episodes, Project Build it has only a few Episodes missing of the US Dub.

Lost Episodes

  • Naughty Spud
  • Spud The Super Wrench
  • Wendy's Party Plan
  • Travis and The Tropical Fruit
  • Spud's Cork Tree
  • Sumsy and the Beast
  • Zoomer's Snowy Adventure
  • Tumbler And The Ice Rink
  • Spud The DJ

Found Episodes

  • Tea Set Travis
  • Benny's Jungle Trouble
  • Mr Bently's Big Parade 
  • Muck's Mootastic Diary
  • Roley The Green Cat
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