Lost Media Archive

When Bob the Builder was getting popular in the early 2000s, HiT Entertainment took the show to other countries like France, Wales, and, most noticeably, America which aired the show up until Fall 2019. In the US, Series 1, 2, 10-14 and 16 all have at least one episode unreleased on home media/digital services (North American digital services with the complete series use the UK dub due the rights issues with Universal). The same applies to Bob the Builder's mini series; Mini Adventures, Bob at the Beach and Bob's Mini Projects.

Lost Episodes

  • Travis and The Tropical Fruits (Only Aired on Sprout; Banned)
  • Spud's Cork Tree (TV exclusive)
  • Sumsy and the Beast (TV exclusive)
  • Tumbler And The Ice Rink (TV exclusive)
  • Spud The DJ (TV exclusive)

Partially Lost Episodes

  • Watercolor Wendy (Title Card)
  • Bob's Bird Blind (Title Card)
  • Roll on Roley (Title Card)
  • Mr. Beasley's Vegetable Patch (Title Card)
  • Pilot Spud (Title Card)
  • Bernard Bentley's Big Parade (Title Card)
  • Wendy's Party Plan (One Clip Found)
  • Scrambler in the Doghouse (2005 Original; Partially Re-Dubbed)
  • An Inspector Calls (High Quality)

Found Episodes


Bob the Builder and Wendy Get Drunk?

A clip of the US Version of Wendy's Party Plan.

  • Naughty Spud (Nick Jr. Airing)
  • Spud the Super Wrench (Nick Jr. Airing)
  • Tea Set Travis (Nick Jr. Airing)
  • Scrambler and the Colorful Cave (2005 Original; PBS Airing)
  • Benny's Jungle Trouble (Sprout Airing)
  • Bernard Bentley's Big Parade (Universal Kids Airing; Low Pitched) 
  • Muck's Mootastic Dairy (Universal Kids Airing; Low Pitched)
  • Roley The Green Cat (Universal Kids Airing: Low Pitched)
  • Zoomer's Snowy Adventure (Treehouse Airing)

Lost Shorts

  • Spud Gets Packing

Irah watching Bob The Builder

  • Wendy in the Middle (Found)
  • Beachcomber Bob
  • Volleyball Dizzy
  • Bob and the Sliding Doors (Found)
  • Scoop and the Worms (Found)
  • Rowdy Roley (2007 redub)
  • Lofty and the Otters (2007 redub)
  • Dizzy's Tree (2007 redub)
  • Wendy Weaves a Basket (2007 redub)
  • Muck's Water Butt (2004; 2007 redub)
  • Hedges and Holes (2007 redub)
  • Spud the Tree (2004; 2007 redub)
  • Recycling Pilchard (2004; 2007 redubs)
  • Bob and the Porcupines (2007 redub)
  • Bob's Hammock (2007 redub)
  • Stepping Stones (2007 redub)
  • Bob and the Dry Stone Wall
  • Sun Time
  • Spud's Lunchbreak (2007 redub)
  • Bob's Birdfeeder (Found)
  • Scoop's Reflections (Found)
  • Spud's Toasted Marshmallows (Found)
  • Roley the Worm Charmer (2007 redub)
  • Dizzy's Ducklings (2007 redub)
  • Scrambler the Shepherd (Found)
  • Watch the Birdie (2007 redub)
  • Bob's Poem
  • Beach Music
  • Shut That Gate
  • It's Oh So Early