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Template:InfoboxLostThe children's TV Show Bob the Builder is known and beloved by many, but what some people don't know, is that the show had a very rare Malaysian dub that almost nobody knows about.


This dub has no episodes found, but the theme song has been found. Albeit it being only the audio, and the video is covered up by a slideshow of Bob the Builder pictures, but the pictures are in English.

On October 16th, 2010. the video mentioned above was uploaded to YouTube by the channel singblass. they titled it "Bob the builder malay version" and in the description, it says "Bob the builder @ Astro Ceria", and if you don't know, Astro Ceria is a 24-hour children's television network in Malaysia. Implying that this dub could've aired on this channel. But that is all the information we have for this dub so far. And it is highly unlikely this dub will ever see the light of day again.