Bobby the Lizard Boy (Found 2000 Nicktoon short)

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Bobby the Lizard Boy is a 2000 short, created for Nickelodeon by Shaun Bakken Reimers. The short also aired in 2003 on the Nicktoons Network.


When Bobby's parents (a human father and an iguana mother) go on a date, they leave him with an abusive babysitter named Laura. Bobby tries to foil her plans, ending up hiding in a closet. Laura enters the closet in an attempt to capture him, but she ends up getting swallowed by Bobby. The parents come home, and dad retrieves Laura from within Bobby. The dad tries to pay her for what she endured, with her instead running out of the house.

Lost Media Wiki contributor "Joey!" (the person who made and edited this article) recalls that during the chasing scene, Laura grabs hold of Bobby (causing his arm to detach), Bobby continues running, and during this period, Laura screams in terror while Bobby's arm grows back.


Before April 1, 2015, only 2 pictures and 1 clip of the short had surfaced. The clip is available here. Also before the 2015 discovery of the entire short, a contributor found a link that leads to the short on The short's description was added to the site in 2002, along with an option to watch the short. However, the short can no longer be viewed, and no version of this short has been recovered to date. Regardless, the aforementioned description is available here, and the video page (no longer working), is available here.

On April 1, 2015, a contributor to the Lost Media WIki discovered the entire Nicktoons Network version of the short, located in an unlisted YouTube video from November 25, 2013, uploaded by CDCB2. The entire short is available here.


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