Bobinogs (original Welsh title: Bobinogi) is a British children's television programme that aired on CBeebies. It debuted for a Welsh audience, but in 2003, it started being broadcast in the market in the United Kingdom. It originally featured a child named Owen (portrayed by David Bursey) and three characters who lived in his hat: inanimate when he was present, but active when he was out.

This aspect of the series was later dropped; the characters were then active (in cartoon form) from the beginning of the programme.

The three main characters play in a band. In most episodes, they would try to solve a problem, then perform a song about it at the end. At one point in the episode, they would obtain a clue to the problem's solution by looking through their "bobinoculars", which show video footage from the real world.

Original Welsh Title: Bobinogi

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