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Bobinogs (original Welsh title: Bobinogi) was a TV show that aired on CBeebies and Playhouse Disney.


This television programme featured characters Nib, Bobin, and Ogi. It was created by Ellen Rhys and Simon Grover (Tweenies) in 2002. 26 full episodes are around on YouTube thanks to Scramby Wamby the youtuber.


  1. Wash Soap Rinse and Dry
  2. Fiddlesticks and Drumsticks
  3. Going Shopping
  4. Happy Bobi-Birthday
  5. Make a List
  6. Sounds Sensational
  7. Is Left This Way
  8. Recipe for Success
  9. Goldidog and the Three Bobinogs
  10. The Bobibaby Boogie
  11. Take A Look In A Book
  12. Woodland Walk
  13. Beside the Seaside
  14. What is Precious
  15. Dance Day
  16. Rubbish
  17. Magical Castle
  18. A Little Problem
  19. Bobibeautiful Butterfly
  20. Bobiart
  21. River Journey
  22. I'm Special
  23. Scarf and Slippers
  24. Bobbly Wobbles
  25. Potty About Pottery
  26. No Place Like Home
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