Bomberman 3DS (Working title) was a cancelled Bomberman game for Nintendo 3DS.Images of it were revealed on Febuary 2011.Rumors said that the game, along with Hudson's annouced games were cancelled. However, Konami said that the game would come in E3 2011, which sadly never did. Some speculated that this was due to Konami buying its original developers Hudson Soft, but that didn't happened until 2012. Since then the Bomberman franchise has been on hold and its even more unlikely to have a new entry due to the controversy surrouding the company in 2015, that wasn't until Super Bomberman R for the Nintendo Switch was released.

Only a 5-sec clip and some photos from the game are available in the Internet.

Bomberman 3DS (2011 Cancelled 3DS Game)
Bomberman 3DS (2011 Cancelled 3DS Game)-0
Bomberman 3DS (2011 Cancelled 3DS Game)-1
Bomberman 3DS (2011 Cancelled 3DS Game)-2
5-sec clip showing some footage about the game

5-sec clip showing some footage about the game.

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