Lost Media Archive

Book from BFDI is a British animated web series made by ISBSP. It centers around Book, a hardcover book and her ridiculous adventures. A French dub of this show called, "Livre dans BFDI" exists, but due to the dubber leaking Book from BFDI files, The dubber was forced to delete all of the episodes, now making it lost media. Although a person that helped make the dub reuploaded a few episodes of the French dub. Only 3 episodes have been found. Links are right here.

  • Known Episodes
Number Name Status
Season 1
1 La mort de la sucette Lost
2 Le retour de la sucette Lost
3 La bite de Livre Lost
4 Livre sauve Noël (quoique) Partially Found
5 Le virus de la télé Lost
6 Les transsexuels ont des droits Found
7 La voix de la larme Lost
8 Huit Lost
9 Taco "commet l'impensable" Found
10 Livre s'étouffe avec des M&Ms Found
  • Known Mini-Episode
Number Name Status
Season 1
3.5 Le taco salé Lost