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Warning! This article may contain material that is disturbing, such as Discussions of sexual misconduct.

Borderline Forever is the 200th episode to the Youtube Web Series Scott the Woz that premiered on May 24th, 2021. It follows Scott, and His Conflict with the Border that's been recurring since the first episode. Near the end of the episode, Some guest and Characters all into a unknown grass field, during that scene, there is a noticeable cut for a second in between 56:00 and 56:02 (Thus Shortening the Video by one second). There was actually a Cameo from RelaxAlax, a Youtuber friend of Scott who was the main antagonist of the 100th episode, It's Awesome Baby, and was responsible for Scott's Growth.

The Scene

The scene follows the aftermath of Scott defeating the Blue Border, Alax, along with various others, wake up in a grassy field. Unlike others, however, Alax appears to have a slightly angry expression, while the others look confused.

Theory and Removal

Scott has never made a reason on why he Removed the video, however, there is a possible theory. On May 30, 2019, Alax announced via Twitter that a former partner of his had made accusations against his character and conduct, specifically citing claims of sexual abuse and for sending fans and family members to stalk her through social media outlets. While Alax admitted to have made mistakes in the relationship for which he was regretful, he denied the latter two claims. After making this post, Alax took a brief hiatus from his channel and social media, citing this "overwhelming" situation as the reason behind it. Activity resumed on August 8 2019 with his video "Super Mario Sunshine is a Hot Mess ".

On May 31, 2019, fellow YouTuber Bobdunga revealed herself to be the former partner Alax was referring to and outlined in explicit detail how she was manipulated by him over the course of their relationship via TwitLonger , details of which include regular beratement and emotional abuse. She elaborated on how Alax had disclosed to her that he is incapable of feeling empathy. Additionally, Bobdunga detailed an incident where the sober Alax took advantage of her after she got intoxicated at a party and raped her. After they broke up, Alax allegedly was able to coerce his fanbase and members of his family to bombard videos on her channel as well as her Twitter to undermine her claims. She was inspired to disclose these details in the wake of the Projared Controversy.

Around this same time, Syn, one of Alax's supporters on Patreon, disclosed a negative exchange he had with him via Twitter that supposedly collaborated Bobdunga's claims about his character, but these posts are no longer available.

Bobdunga's claims were corroborated by others who knew Alax personally. Beyond the post he made on May 30, he has not publicly responded to the specifics of these claims. Additional details about these allegations have been outlined on ResetEra.

The Cameo's Reupload

Two months later, The scene with the Cameo would be ReUploaded on July 15th, 2021 By User Cyberdream. Saying they found it on The Internet Archive. [1]


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