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Back in 2003, Cartoon Network made downloadable games available for their website, under the name, "Cartoon Network Powerplay," which could be purchased or download for free for a limited time, similar to Nickelodeon's competing "Nick Arcade." One of the downloadable games was "Bowl-Ed Over," which was an Ed, Edd n Eddy themed game. It had multiplayer for up to 4 players and full-screen support.

The description on the website states: "Bowling goes 3-D! Customize your own ball, then let the good times roll as the Eds cheer you on. Pump up the pin action on two Ed-built alleys: the Bowl-de-Sac and Kanker Lane. You can practice on your own, or challenge up to three other players!"


Update 16/12/2016

An Youtuber "Joman66" uploaded an video saying the Demo of Bowl-Ed' Over working on Windows XP Tablet (Click Here). Later "TOMYSSHADOW" Removed the Time Trial (Download Here)

Unknown Date (Possibly 2016-2017)

There is a download link, but when you try to click "Play Now", it won't respond (Download Here)

Unknown Date (Possibly 2017)

The only images you can see are the ones on the website (Click Here)

Update 12/17/2018

"TOMYSSHADOW" Found the Demo (Download Here)



  • It has a strange resemblance to another game called "Gutterball Bowling".