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DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with Violent, Sexual, Profane, and/or Drug-Related Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Irving (left), and Brad Jones (right).

Brad Jones, also known by his character name The Cinema Snob, is one of many popular internet film critics. He specializes in reviewing underground horror and exploitation films. His site hosts a variety of other review shows as well, including Midnight Screenings, which is a review show for modern films. The reviews are mostly informal, done by either him or his friends, usually right after they had walked out of the film.

One of the frequenters, Irving, is known for his incredibly crude jokes. He is not one to skip out on jokingly using the "n-word" and making fun of Jewish people. Because of this, many of the videos have edited portions that exclude these jokes. At first, fans just noticed odd little edits that were only present in videos featuring Irving. Then, some of the reviews would feature reactions from other people in the car with him, meaning there was a very clear reason why it edited away for a moment. Because of the nature of these jokes, Brad can't even mention what they were in text format, or he can jeopardize his membership on many sites that help him generate revenue. To put this into perspective, Brad usually gets away with jokes about rape and murder on his Snob videos, so these jokes are of some pretty questionable nature in order for him to feel like they can't be included.

Due to some morbid curiosity, and the fact that many people find Irving's edgy sense of humor a big highlight of the series, these clips are heavily sought out. Though, unless someone with amazing hacking skills can get into Brad's computer (note: highly freaking illegal in most countries, don't take that as a challenge) these clips may never see the light of day. That also supposes that these clips weren't directly deleted to make room for more videos, which is the most likely case. No missing clips have surfaced, and Brad has barely even made clues as to what the jokes are.