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A screenshot from "Skeleton".

In November 1997, Avraham Kadar, M.D. created The Mysteries Of Life, a planned series of shorts for a website called Two shorts, Skeleton, and Peak Flow were put online, but plans for other shorts were put on hold as Kadar went to work on other projects.

In early-1999, Kadar launched, a continuation of The Mysteries of Life. As part of the site's launch, Skeleton & Peak Flow were re-animated in Flash, and in 2006, the two shorts were majorly changed as part of a site rehaul.

The original shorts have been recently found in the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, while the re-animated versions reside on a Wikispaces website.


Peak Flow (original):

Skeleton (original):

Peak Flow (re-animated):

Skeleton (re-animated):

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