BrainSurge is an American children's game show that aired on Nickelodeon and was hosted by Jeff Sutphen. The show taped its first season in February 2009, and debuted on September 28, 2009. The show's format was adapted from the Tokyo Broadcasting System game show Brain Survivor. The U.S. version was created by Scott A. Stone, creator of kid's game shows Legends of the Hidden TempleFun HouseParadise Run, and The Mole, and Clay Newbill, executive producer of The Mole and Shark Tank.

The network announced on February 18, 2010 that the program was renewed for a second season, that consisted of 40 episodes, and featured the same format without any known changes. The second season, which featured the 40 original episodes plus one episode held over from season one, premiered on June 21, 2010. The third season started airing on July 18, 2011 on Nick at Nite, marketed as Family BrainSurge, and had a two-person family team format with five teams. The third season ran until November 17, 2011, when the show was canceled. The remaining episodes aired on Nicktoons from April 28 to May 9, 2014.

120 episodes of Brainsurge have aired, but roughly 50 episodes have been found so far. The largest playlist of available episodes on YouTube.

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