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Brainbombs' 1992 album, "Burning Hell".

Since their inception in 1985, garage punk/noise rock group Brainbombs have gained a cult following, as well as caused controversy, for their sadistic lyrics and loud, sludgy style of music. After a releasing a few singles, the group was signed to Black Jack Records, who released their 1992 debut, Burning Hell. The record, with it's blend of heavy psych rock and distorted noise, is often considered one of the band's best. However, not many people are aware that the album's CD issue (as well as digital copies that were likely ripped from the CD) are missing a track. This track, titled X!?+ + ..., was only available on the 1992 vinyl issue of the album, which is very scarce and rare. However, the 2010 vinyl release does also contain the track, but it remains elusive and unavailable online, as no one with a copy has uploaded the song to the internet. 

The track has since been found, uploaded by Youtube account "1/4 DEAD" 

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