Bubble Guppies is an American CGI animated show produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios in 2006. The show made it's first debut on January 24, 2011. There is a pilot that for Bubble Guppies that was completed in 2006. Team Umizoomi was in a competition with them but both series got picked up. The series was being produced at Nick Digital in 2006. In 2007, a complete episode, Happy Clam Day was finished and was ready to be produced. The character's had major differences and some were voiced by different voice actors. In the Fall of 2007, Nickelodeon said to air the show for their 2007-2008 season. But by mid-2008, only 10 episodes were produced. In November of 2008, Viacom fired approximately 720 staff members -- basically like the whole studio of Nick. After so many predicaments, the show gave up on production and Wild Brain heard about it. WildBrain decided to make adjustments to the show. In December of 2010, the series had 20 episodes ready to launch and was picked up by Nickelodeon.

Voice Cast

  • Corey Burton as Mr. Grouper
  • Nicholas Castel as Gill
  • Rita Moreno as Deema
  • Taija Isen as Molly
  • Tara Strong as Oona, Nonny
  • Zachary Bloch as Goby


Characters from left to right, Oona, Nonny, Mr. Grouper, Deema & Goby.

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