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Screenshot of the series.

Apparently, the French cartoon was dubbed into English under the title Buddy Buddy... A Dog's Life, and it aired on Cartoon Network in Latin America and it could be turned on into English audio on SAP around the 2000s. Though it's unknown if it aired in the United States, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. Only the English dub of the episode "Fleas" has resurfaced online, but it's a Ukrainian voice-over and the rest of the English episodes cannot be found when searching within websites. The English title can also be found on Cartoon Network's Latin America schedule in English from 2001. The English dub was dubbed in the United Kingdom.

Update: The English version is found, and it has information in the credits, but it's a Ukrainian voiceover: https://vk.com/video134374324_169106424 (original publication), https://youtu.be/7xByjkJKhgc (re-uploaded)

English cast

  • Buddy 1: Benjamin Small
  • Buddy 2: Bryan Clegner
  • Regine Candler
  • Eric Meyers
  • Rhonda Millar
  • Andrew Turvey

English crew

  • Dubbing: Ten Pin Alley
  • Voice director: Ruth Matthews


  • It is unknown, who voiced all characters, other than the Buddies in the dub.


Cartoon Network's Latin America schedule from March 30, 2001 (with Buddy Buddy... A Dog's Life)