Bully "Holiday Special" Video

Bully "Holiday Special" Video

The trailer for the cutscene

Bully is a game made by the game developers Rockstar Vancouver/Rockstar Games set in a boarding school that is similar in gameplay to Grand Theft Auto. The main character, Jimmy Hopkins is trying to bring peace to Bullworth Academy between the Jocks, Preppies and Nerds. He is also having a conflict with his enemy Gary and is trying to keep him from taking over the school. Suprisingly, there is alot of cut content (some unconfirmed) that never saw it's way into the game. However, there is one cutscene that was featured in a trailer for the game, but removed entirely upon release.

The clips of the cutscene in the trailer consist of Gary talking to Jimmy (presumably about Lola, a love interest in the game) about how "Young love is such a beautiful thing" and proceeds to imitate Doggy Style and say "Spank me!"

Little is known about the cutscene except for it taking place in Chapter 3, (as evidenced by the everything in the trailer taking place during the time of that chapter, Winter) Gary made another appearance, possibly his final appearance until the end of Chapter 5, (the final chapter) and it was probably taken out to keep the rating at T.

Aside from the clips in the trailer, nothing else has resurfaced of the cutscene.

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