Bumpetyboo titlecard

Title card of the Saban English dub.

Bumpety Boo - opening

Bumpety Boo - opening

The intro of the Saban English dub.

  • This Little Car Really Moves! VHS 1990.
  • On The Road Again VHS 1990.
  • The Rad Mobile VHS 1991.
  • The Desert Adventure VHS 1991.
  • Left Lane Loonies VHS 1991.
  • Bumpety Boo is Born VHS 1992.

Bumpety Boo is an English adaptation of the 1985 anime Hey! Bumboo (へーい!ブンブー Hēi! Bumbū), produced by Saban Entertainment in 1989. This dub covered several episodes of the 130 episode series and aired on Australian television in the mid 90s. The original Japanese score was omitted and it was replaced with an American score by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. In 1990, it was released on VHS for the first time by Celebrity Home Entertainment's Just For Kids Division.

As of 2018, none of the English dubbed episodes can be found on the internet. Although, the dub can be found on websites like eBay [1] and Amazon [2]. Its worth noting that YouTuber ThePreviewsGuy VHSOpenings[3] uploaded the opening and closings of the VHS releases of Bumpety Boo including "Bumpety Boo is Born" and "The Desert Adventure". However, the German dub was based on this dub and the Haim Saban and Shuki Levi score was left intact. Also, some of the German dubbed episodes can be found on YouTube making it the closest way to watch the English version of the show [4].

Production Crew [5]

  • Director: Howard Ryshpan
  • Music: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy
  • Executive Producers: Haim Saban, Jerald E. Bergh
  • Adaptation: Ernie Reid
  • Assistant Producers: Amber Santilli, Jennifer Canaday, Sherry Jeffreys
  • Associate Producer: Eric S. Rollman
  • Engineering Assistant: Kevin Newson
  • Executive in Charge of Music: Ron Kenan
  • Film Transfer: Paul Lynn
  • Mixing: Alain Rivard
  • Music Coordination: Lesa Scharnett
  • Music Engineer: Barron Abramovitch
  • Music Supervision: Andrew Dimitroff
  • Post-Production Supervision: Stacy Gale
  • Sound Recording: Dino Castrilli
  • Supervising Producer: Winston Richard
  • Supervision: Yordan Nicolov
  • Title Art: Sam Johnson
  • Videotape Coordinator: David Artuso

English Voice Cast

  • Julian Bailey - Ken
  • Aimée Castle - Helena
  • Brendan Stitchman
  • Vlasta Vrána
  • Dean Hagopian
  • Rick Jones
  • Pauline Little
  • Matthew Mackay
  • Ethan Tobman
  • Jeremy Steinberg
  • Elliott Mitmaker
  • Walter Massey
  • Bronwen Mantel
  • A.J. Henderson


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