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"What Happened in Hamelin" is the 19th episode of the Saturday morning, animated, literary, anthology, T.V. series, CBS Storybreak and succeeded "The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek". It premiered on October 3, 1987 and is based on the book of the same title originally published in 1979, authored by Gloria Skurzinski. Technical credits about this episode, such as who wrote the teleplay, aren't available at the moment. However, like other episodes of this series, it was a co-production between America's Hanna-Barbera Australia and Australia's Southern Star Entertainment for CBS Entertainment. It is unknown what the comparisons and contrasts are between the adaptation, and the book.


This is essentially a reimagining of the original Pied Piper story. After Hamelin's townspeople deny the Pied Piper payment for ridding them of the rats, he decides to requite them by luring away their children with his flute-playing. When one boy, who happens to be the Piper's protege, learns of his mentor's treacherous plan, he and a girl have to come to the other children's aid to prevent an uncertain and indeterminate fate that awaits them.


Although most of the show has been uploaded and is available to view online, this remains one of two episodes that currently aren't and remain missing. It wasn't among the few episodes that were released on VHS and for the longest, it remains one of the rarest, and most obscure, episodes. Only portions of it can be seen in a couple videos. One being a preview following an online video copy of the episode, "The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek"; the other being a "Next Saturday" promo commercial of it, which can be seen on the program's Facebook page. Other than those, to date, there still isn't a copy of this episode on the web in its entirety.