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C Bear and Jamal is an animated children's television show that premiered on the Fox Kids programming block in 1996. It features an elementary-aged school kid named Jamal, whose constant companion was "C Bear", a hip hop teddy bear who sings. Film Roman co-produced the show.

The List Thus Far

(italic means lost episode -- bold means found episode)


S01E01 Rap Van Winkle (February 3, 1996)

S01E02 Emperor's New Gear (February 10, 1996)

S01E03 Big (February 17, 1996

S01E04 Teeing Off (September 21, 1996)

S01E05 The Prince and the Po' Boy (September 28, 1996)

S01E06 Raging Bully (October 12, 1996)

S01E07 Hanging with Mr. Wingo (November 2, 1996)

S01E08 Big Head Jamal (November 9, 1996)

S01E09 Sleepless in South Central (November 16, 1996)

S01E10 Dumbing Down (November 23, 1996)

S01E11 The Truth and Nothing But the Truth (February 1, 1997)

S01E12 Puppy Love (February 15, 1997)

S01E13 Most Valuable Grandpa (February 22, 1997)