Caillou (Found Croatian Dub)

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Oblutak S01E08-Oblutak se pridružuje cirkusu
An episode of the Croatian dub Oblutak S01E08-Oblutak se pridružuje cirkusu

Caillou is a Canadian children's series made by Cookie Jar that aired from 1997 to 2010. It has been dubbed into many languages such as German, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, and Hungarian. However, a Croatian dub entitled Oblutak exists, but only a few episodes have surfaced. The only known season to have been dubbed in Croatian is season 1, but it is unknown if seasons 2-5 have aired.

UPDATE: 02/23/2016 The special "Caillou's Holiday Movie" has been found. You can download it here

UPDATE: 02/24/2016 4 of 5 seasons are dubbed in Croatian + special from up. I've shared episodes I've got from popular private torrent tracker from Croatia (popular in whole Ex Yu). They can be found on following links: 1st rar, 2nd rar. Mirror: 1, 2.   MrLazarV (talk)   19:28, February 24, 2016 (UTC)

UPDATE In 2019, a channel featuring the dub was created.

Croatian Version Staff

  • Prevela: Ana Dejanović
  • Glasovi: Ivana Buljan Legati, Dijana Bolanča, Mira Bosanac, Dražen Bratulić
  • Tonski obradio: Kristian Horvat
  • Redatelj: Branko Sviben
  • Producent: Robert Jurčić
  • Urednica: Vesna Sudar
  • Obrada: HRT

  • Translated by: Ana Dejanović
  • Voice actors: Ivana Buljan Legati, Dijana Bolanča, Mira Bosanac, Dražen Bratulić
  • Sound editor: Kristian Horvat
  • Dubbing director: Darko Sviben
  • Producer: Robert Jurčić
  • Editor: Vesna Sudar
  • Processing: HRT
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