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Caillou is a Canadian show that aired in Canada on Treehouse TV and Teletoon, and the United States on PBS from 2000 to 2016 and PBS Kids 24/7 from 2017 onward, But there was a Scottish Gaelic dub that aired on BBC Two Scotland (Now BBC Scotland) called Coinneach on the unnamed 2-hour block at the time, which is now on BBC Alba as of 2008, which the unamed 2-hour block is now split into CBeebies Alba and CBBC Alba, It aired on June 5, 2007, all the way until the day of June 28, 2007, But some episodes were aired before June, It's possible that Caillou might air on BBC Alba soon, But that, is to be discovered, the episodes that were aired are down below.


  • Caillou At The Doctor (Lost)
  • Caillou Is Afraid Of The Dark (Lost)
  • Caillou's Friends (Lost)
  • Caillou Goes Shopping (Lost)



  • From the episodes above, You will notice they are all Season 1 episodes, It's possible that BBC Two Scotland only aired the Season 1 episodes.


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