Cain's Hundred (Found 1961 Crime Drama)

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"Cain's Hundred" TV Intro and Closing
The opening and closing credits. "Cain's Hundred" TV Intro and Closing

Cain's Hundred is a 1961 NBC crime drama starring Peter Mark Richman as Nicholas Cain, a former mob lawyer who, after getting engaged, decides to leave behind his life of crime. However, a mob boss puts out a hit on Cain - and instead kills his fiancée Stella (Carol Rossen). Cain then decides to team up with the FBI to bring 100 mobsters to justice. 30 episodes aired opposite CBS' The Garry Moore Show before it was cancelled in 1962. Since then, footage has cropped up on YouTube, and the series has gone into circulation in various forms, including a release of 29 of its 30 episodes on the Warner Archive's former streaming service in 2016 (the missing one was "Blues for a Junkman," which the Archive couldn't clear; however, that one can be watched on YouTube as well).

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