This is a list of unmade and unreleased episodes of Pippi Longstocking (1997 TV series). Some of these episodes were, or still are, in development limbo.

Season 3 (1998)

  • Pippi Spreads Joy
  • Pippi Entertains Two Burglars
  • Pippi in Her First Halloween
  • Pippi Sails Out
  • Pippi Fights Some Poachers
  • Pippi Celebrates Thanksgiving
  • Pippi Try out For Winter Sports
  • Pippi Meets the Cashmires
  • Pippi in a Shipwreck
  • Pippi Doesn't Sell Her House
  • Pippi Meets Wanted Criminals
  • Pippi at the Beach
  • Pippi Competes in Dodgeball

Season 4 (1998)

  • Pippi Gets a Phone
  • Pippi Finds a Mermind
  • Pippi Enters a Pet Show
  • Pippi Celebrates Her Birthday
  • Pippi Refuses to Move
  • Pippi and The Yeti
  • Pippi and the Amulet of the Mystics
  • Pippi Pays Respect to Her Mother
  • Pippi Meets an Old Friend
  • Pippi Goes to Africa
  • Pippi Visit the Mermaids
  • Pippi Meets a Special Guest
  • Pippi Goes on a School Picnic

Season 5 (1999)

  • Pippi Goes For the Record Books
  • Pippi Meets The Pearl Poachers
  • Pippi Meets the Animalians
  • Pippi Saves the Animalians
  • Pippi Meets Her Old Enemies
  • Pippi Confronts Her Old Enemies
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