i remember this thing on cbeebies at around 5:50 in the morning even though cbeebies started at 6 in the morning called the joy show, it had the main character joy, who was a dog or doggie as the show called her because, well it's cbeebies, going around england playing some sort of games or sports, the sport i remember in the episode i saw was tennis.there was also another character named ben who was a dog aswell, he would give kids and their familes prizes, a prize a remember was a holiday to a waterpark. and near the end a kid would go down a waterslide and obtain a trophy at the end. i tried asking cbeebies about it but they said they don't remember airing anything called the joy show

EDIT 1: i contacted the same company who made tellietubbies and said they do remember making a show called the joy show but the person who sent an email back to me dosen't have it

edit 69 this isnt real i made it up for laughs

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