[(?) (?), 7:10 PM.] [Verse 1] When I get to troubles with language The fate of the whole world is what's at stake I look at the liberties I take and look past those words to what's your own And bring those words of your back home, because words are all I know
[Verse 2]

When this dialectic gets boring, I think about the words of the Mode E If I could choose the mode I'd like to be, I'd choose to be with you Ooh, I know, it's really not a mode per se, ooh-but so? I'd choose it anyway, and find a new mode with every name you name
[Verse 3]

So give me a name for your hair down and coffee in your Federal Hill cafe Just like you named the weekend of dolce days And name my nervousness, ooh-won't you? And all my inadequacies, name them too And just like this tape machine -- how I snaked you! And how the Farinas say, "I sawel you" And your favorite dinner of glowing tofu And how I'm at least 4 names ooh-to you And how you touch all the lives you move through And how language proves that it's YOU Who's got a sexy mouth You got a sexy mouth [x3] Name it too. [x4] [Outro] To hear this message again, press 1

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