Canimals (2011) is a series about animals who look like cans exploring the world. There is a possible lost canimals episode which I might have found clips from. Hello, it is Canimals Stuff, I finally decided to make this page as I felt this could be lost media, here's the backstory, I was searching for Curious Canimals (if you are unfamiliar with that lost media, click on the page above) on a korean site called Naver Blog which is the place where I have found a lot of Curious Canimals. I was searching and tried searching "Canimal" onto the website and I found some interesting videos, including the original video of Angry Runner. Another video I had found was by the name of "Canimals render freecomp" and I'll link it here, (if you want to see the clips but but don't want to go to the website, I posted the video of the clips on the page, the audio is muted since it is some random song played over the clips on the page).


Unknown Cancelled Canimals Episode Clips?

I was interested on what was in the video so I clicked on it, the video features unfinished clips of the Canimals episodes "Classroom" and "Wild Can", they are not completely rendered or finished and it is a cool find, but there is some more clips in the video that I thought was strange, it also seemed to included clips from an episode where it appears to look like Fizzy, Uly and Mimi in a car (could be a plane too but unlikely), I have never seen these clips in any episode and the episode was likely were originally supposed to be in Season 1 since the other clips are from Season 1. You can search through any place to see every episode of Canimals only to find out you can not find it, the episode list of Canimals can be examply can be found on by searching for Canimals, and you can see the episode list on there through Prime Video, There is not much more known about the episode, This episode existing is still on debate, because it's existence is unconfirmed since it could be stock footage, something else or created for the reel, but I think it is highly likely that these clips might have an origin. That's all, but I hope maybe this episode can be found one day, but for now, nothing much is known about it.

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