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Capitol Hill Gangsta was a YouTube series created by famous YouTuber Ray William Johnson back in 2008 for his YouTube Channel. It was a political talk show like The Daily Show or The Colbert Report and overall was different from the type of content that Ray would eventually make for his channel. Over the years, YouTube has changed its terms of service and Ray's early videos were also effected which resulted in every Capitol Hill Gangsta episode and the first couple of Equals Three episodes being removed. Of these episodes, only 2 have been found and uploaded on Internet Archive and Google Drive.


Ray William Johnson started his YouTube channel in 2007 while he was in college. His early videos were posted on a now-deleted channel in which he did stand vlogs and video gameplay. As his vlogs gained traction, he started a new series called Capitol Hill Gangsta in 2008.

Capitol Hill Gangsta

  • On Capitol Hill Gangsta Ray would talk about US politics in a vlog format style. He would cover anything and everything relating to the politics and foreign policies of the United States. The description of his channel goes as follows:
  • "***What is Capitol Hill Gangsta?*** Capitol Hill Gangsta is my weekly commentary concerning United States politics. Each episode consists of a brief rant dissecting whichever political topic happens to pique my interest at that particular moment. No topic is off limits. No topic is too taboo. Enjoy!"

Cancellation and Availability

In 2009, Ray shifted focus from a politically based channel to more of a comedic channel. While videos on the Capitol Hill Gangsta had a comedic undertone, Ray wanted to pursue a more comedic route. He started the channel =3 in 2009 where he would get his biggest breakthrough yet. As a result, Ray completely stopped doing Capitol Hill Gangsta in 2009. While Ray would work on and eventually depart from =3, the Capitol Hill Gangsta channel stayed up until around 2019 when YouTube started to crack down on the videos. As a result, the Capitol Hill Gangsta channel was terminated.

As of now, three out of the six episodes have been found.