Lost Media Archive

Cardcaptor Sakura is an anime produced by Madhouse in 1998 shown on NHK BS2 by CLAMP.

Due to the great succesion of the show, it was adapted into various languages. The following, as the title says, are some lost dubs of the show.


The Basque dub(Sakura Kartak Sakura) is lost. Only episodes 1 - 5 and 46 are online.


The Dutch dub(Cardcaptor Sakura) is very rare. Currently, only episodes 7, 10 and 27 are available.


The Hebrew dub(Cardcaptor Sakura) is quite hard to find. Only episodes 1 - 10, 12 and 63 - 65 are found.


The Hindi dub(Cardcaptor Sakura) is the rarest dub of the anime. No footage exists online.


The Malay dub(Penangkap kad Sakura) is also a very rare dub. There are only 3 things online, them being the first half of episodes 2 and 10 along with a clip from episode 56.


The Swedish subtitled version(Cardcaptor Sakura) is the second rarest dub of the show. No footage exists online just like the Hindi version.